5 Pcs Essentials Brush Set

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Make me up 025001 copy.jpg

5 Pcs Essentials Brush Set



F30 - Compact Powder Brush -
A Versatile brush used mainly for powder or bronzer application

F55 - Small Duo Fibre Stipple Brush -
For best results use with liquid foundation.  Stipple on your foundation all over your face then using large swirling motions blend it all into place.
Creates a controlled airbrush effect onto the skin and you will find using this brush and technique you will use less product and still have your desired coverage

E35 - Large Domed Blending Brush (White Hair) - 
Works best when used for blending out eyeshadows for the required softened out eye look.  Made with natural goats hair

F70 - Small Concealer Brush - 
Use this brush with your cream concealers.  Its best recommended to use gentle patting motions to avoid any noticeable lines. The F70 Conceals the hardest to reach areas so you know you're always covered.

E20 - Petite Eye Shadow Applicator  

This brush can be used to apply concentrated product onto the eye area before any blending.

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