Summer Lovin' Brush Set

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Summer Lovin' Brush Set

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Summer Lovin' Brush Set

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5PCS Set 💜

Large Duo Fibre Stipple Brush -
For best results use with liquid foundation. Stipple on your foundation all over your face then using large swirling motions blend it all into place.
Creates a controlled airbrush effect onto the skin and you will find using this brush and technique you will use less product and still have your desired coverage

Compact Powder Brush -
A Versatile brush used mainly for powder or bronzer application

Large Flat Brush - 
Ideal for concealing larger areas of face or body to create light or shade, also ideal for priming the face or applying cream foundations.

Large Domed Blending Brush (White Hair) - 
Works best when used for blending out eyeshadows for the required softened out eye look. Made with natural goats hair

Small Blending Brush (Black Hair) - 
This brush has been designed for eyeshadow application and blending. With the brush narrowed towards the tip it allows for precise product application with clean blending sides.

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